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How to Analyse Cryptocurrencies with Paul Otto

How to Analyse Cryptocurrencies with Paul Otto

Wednesday 20 March 2019
6pm - 8pm
Merchiston Campus, Room E7

Hello guys, 

in our last event we talked a lot about Bitcoin and the competition between Bitcoin and Altcoins. 

For our next event Paul Otto, Managing Partner at F5 Crypto Capital GmbH, will talk about Cardano and the Basic Attention Token.

There is no standard approach to analyze and value cryptocurrencies. Paul and his partners at F5 are developing approaches to evaluate the potential of cryptocurrencies. 

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies come to this event!!

About Paul: 
He is an entrepreneur from Germany living in Edinburgh. After he has finished his degree in math & programming he followed Bitcoin for a few years and then founded the F5 Crypto Capital GmbH with four partners. His company F5 offers services connected to cryptocurrencies. Primarily, together with their finance Professor, they developed the F5 Crypto Index, on which financial products can be built.

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