About ENSA

Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association (ENSA) is your students’ union, and all Edinburgh Napier University students, part time or full time, are members of it. ENSA provides a variety of services for students, such as the independent, confidential and free ENSA Advice service, Team Napier (sports and societies), volunteering opportunities, events and entertainment, campaigns and representation.

There are lots of opportunities to gain new skills and have fun through ENSA, so read up about what we have to offer and get involved! ENSA HQ is based at B34 Merchiston Campus, 10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh

Our Vision:

To enhance the student experience continually and assist our students in achieving their full potential.

Our Mission:

To work with our members, our staff, the University, the community and other stake-holders who are involved in all aspects of the Student Experience by providing the representation, student centred services and activities necessary to achieving our vision.

It is your students’ union, and all Edinburgh Napier University students, part time or full time, are members of it. Some of you will use our services regularly throughout your time at Edinburgh Napier, others will use us occasionally and some will do so only in times of crisis. However you decide to use our services or get involved in what we do, is up to you. We are here for you and if you have any ideas on how we might improve the services we offer, we want to hear your views.

What ENSA does on your behalf…


ENSA does a range of things to support students, but representation is our core business. Representation is aimed at making Edinburgh Napier University closer to its students, delivering the kind of degrees, and the teaching, learning and support facilities that students want and need to make them effective students and successful graduates. Its about raising the quality of the whole student experience as well as problem-solving when things go wrong.

By representation we mean: of Edinburgh Napier students, by Edinburgh Napier students and for Edinburgh Napier students. We also mean: listening to them, formulating policy on their behalf, and taking it to the place where we can present the students' case and win improvements whether that is at classroom or faculty level, or senior level within Edinburgh Napier University, or externally, through the Scottish or UK Parliament or the broader community.

Other organisations and people can support and advise you as students, but ENSA is unique in that the main reason for its existence is to represent the interests of Edinburgh Napier University students directly. Just contact ENSA’s VP for Representation & Volunteering who will tell you what you need to know and help get you started.


The key to student life is participation. Don’t spectate, participate! Make the most of the unique opportunities you get as a student – both the learning and the social things. You’ll never have such a varied choice or such a wide range of people around you as when you are a student, so enjoy it and explore new ideas and activities. Test yourself, try new things and see what you can achieve. Student life should be an intense voyage of discovery. There will be opportunities to join societies and to join sports clubs that participate in representative or recreational sport. Whatever you fancy, sign up and make new friends with similar interests. It can be a good way to get to know other students in a social context.

You may even want to become involved in running your club, maybe as a club captain or treasurer or secretary, and that’s all fine stuff for the old CV, which you should be trying to build up gradually over your time at uni. Participation gives you the opportunity to be different, to develop yourself and add value to your life and your employability. So don’t sit on the sidelines, there’s something for everybody and, if you want to start up a new club or a society, it’s pretty easy. Just contact ENSA’s VP for Sports & Societies who will tell you what you need to know and help get you started.

There will also be opportunities to participate in student representation, as a Programme Rep for your class, or to sit on ENSA or University decision-making committees and forums. ENSA trains Programme Reps and helps you to get the best you can out of your participation.


ENSA has a range of services it provides for Edinburgh Napier University students. It runs ENSA Advice, offering free and confidential education and welfare rights advice for students. It puts on events, such as the Freshers Fair and a week-long Freshers’ entertainment programme, as well as events throughout the year. ENSA also produces publications like the Student Survival Guide and the Freshers Handbook to provide useful information about student life and the issues you may face.


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