About Us

Act, sing dance your way through Uni with Napier Musical Theatre Society!

Do you love a good showtune? Are you finding yourself singing your heart out in the shower every morning, or simply breaking into dance whenever you hear the Grease Megamix come on? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you!

Napier Musical Theatre rehearse in Merchiston campus, every Monday and Thursday 6-9pm. 

Get involved with themed socials and fundraisers such as Beer Pong and Open Mic on Tuesdays!

Whether you’re a seasoned actor, singer, dancer, techie or just a musical fan – there’s a place for you!


  • Opportunities for acting, singing and dancing

  • You don’t have to be confident at all three, we welcome people of all abilities!

  • Take a part of a full-length musical production of a well-known show

  • Directing, Choreographing and Musical Directing


  • Play your own instrument as a part of our live-band for our show
  • Get experience playing on stage

Marketing and Design

  • Designing posters and graphics for the society and our events 

  • Creating the programme for the show

  • Photography - Rehearsal photos, production pictures, headshots

  • Video Production - Filming, Editing, Behind the Scenes, Trailers

  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Tech - work behind the scenes of a musical 

  • Lights & Sound

  • Set & Props

  • Costumes

  • Hair & Make-up

  • Stage Managing & Stage Hands

Fundraising & Events

  • Help plan open mic nights & cabarets

  • Come up with fun event ideas

  • Reach out and work with other Napier Societies and Sports

Join our facebook page HERE if you're wanting to get involved or send us an email!


Much love from the Musical Theatre Committee!