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Welcome to the Edinburgh Napier University Techno Society page!

Whether you are seeking the best nightlife and social scene for your time in Edinburgh, or you simply love techno, then we invite you to join us for this year. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

This society specialises in techno and other electro music events, which includes gigs and raves in the underground scene. As a member, you will also have exclusive access to our parties and you'll be receiving discounted entry to the main techno venues in Edinburgh. We also plan to organise our own gigs in Edinburgh later in the year!

Above all, this society will function as a great social platform for you as our members. Joining us means you will meet new people, keep up to date with what's happening in Edinburgh and have a whole lot of fun! You may also use the group to invite fellow members to your own events/nights out.

We have big plans for this year, so join us for some unforgettable memories!