Social Media, Marketing & Promotion

Marketing is a key tool in making a Society successful. Without marketing, no-one will know the Society exists! Think about audience, selling points, and necessary information.

ENSA website

Each affiliated Society has a page on the ENSA website, which is the first point of call for most students looking to join a Society. The information on there needs to be up to date so check it regularly and contact ENSA with any changes.

Facebook & other social media

Creating a Facebook page or group is one of the best ways to engage with people, promote events and spread the word about the Society.

Pages can appeal to a broader base than just Society members, and the page can be tagged by other Facebook users in posts which generates more views. A group can provide a base for Office Holders to communicate more directly with Society members and facilitate discussion.

Groups can create events which automatically invite everyone in the group along, whereas Pages only allow each person to invite others in their personal networks.

ENSA have a Facebook page which you can tag in posts, and feel free to ask us to share your events or news. Our main Twitter handle is @napierstudents and don't be afraid to tweet us!

Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok etc.can add more flavour to the Society’s web presence but will need to be managed to keep active.

Content management

Online content needs to be current. Many societies never publicise where and when they meet, which means potential members face unnecessary barriers to involvement.

Post regularly on social media to increase traffic; share articles and pictures the Society might find interesting, put events up in a timely fashion, get photos online so Society members can tag themselves. All of these things help build a social media presence and make the Society look fun and active, with an engaged membership.

Posters & flyers

Posters and flyers can be useful accompaniments to online marketing, especially for one off events or ‘give it a go’ sessions where the audience aren’t already engaged with the Society online. Utilise members’ skills and networks when looking for people to design posters and flyers – a poorly designed poster can immediately turn people off reading it.

Remember to include key information like the date, time and location of events on the poster. If the basic information isn’t there, people won’t typically do the work to find out for themselves.

The University runs a printing service that students can use for posters and flyers. They can deliver to a campus reception of your choice for collection. 

ENSA has a number of electronic and physical noticeboards on each campus. Posters can be dropped off at ENSA reception for distribution to the physical noticeboards. Any Society interested in advertising on the electronic screens will need to send a 1920 (wide) x 1080 (high) pixels image to the ENSA Communications team to be uploaded.

Olumuyiwa Opaleye
President for Societies & Community
President Societies Community

Olumuyiwa is ENSA’s President for Societies & Community. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Olumuyiwa and he will tell you all you need to know.

E-mail Olumuyiwa