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Want to join a Sports Club? Check out our A - Z of Sports Clubs to see what's on offer and buy your memberships.

Sporting Goals

  • More students involved at all levels within Team Napier
  • Higher BUCS position and more Scottish Student Sport titles
  • Improved running of clubs in both short and long term
  • Sustainable clubs with long term development plans
  • Support for individual athletes in local, regional & national competition
  • Enhanced support for Elite Athletes

There will be highs and lows and I’m sure situations will arise that will test the strength of your club. However the work that each of you do individually is hugely important and can really make a difference for your team-mates and to the overall student experience here at Edinburgh Napier University.

Be Part of It / Get Involved

You will find more information on this in your Team Napier Club Handbook.

From Club President to Social Secretaries, although your responsibilities will differ, you are all important and will play a big part within your club. Be sure to engage as much as you can within your roles throughout the year as there are numerous skills you can acquire and develop to increase your employability.

Georgia Moran
VP Sports & Societies
VP Sports and Societies

Georgia is ENSA’s Vice President Sports & Societies. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to sports clubs and societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Georgia and she will tell you all you need to know.

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