SportMark - Our Club Development Framework

What is SportMark?

In 2014 Team Napier launched a new organisational structure for clubs called SportMark.

As Edinburgh Napier University student sport continues to grow and develop, it was essential a sustainable structure was introduced to create short and long term pathways for clubs and athletes at the University. SportMark is based on CLUBMARK, which is a cross-sport accreditation scheme for sports clubs in the UK.

It is based on criteria which must be supported by specific evidence to gain further support from ENSA.

Benefits of Accreditation

Research has shown that Sports Clubs which have attained accreditation have demonstrated increased participation, higher qualified coaches and retention of support staff becoming more sustainable in the short and long term.

After years of hard work by Edinburgh Napier Students Association, student sport is now embedded within the University strategy and culture with the vision to develop, improve and grow sport at the University. As of 2014 SportMark will be implemented across ENSA Sports, with the aim to create stronger more sustainable clubs through education and support of committee members, coaches, officials and volunteers.

A hard working, proactive club committee is essential to allow players within the different sports clubs to reach their full potential.

How is SportMark Broken Down?

SportMark has 5 levels – these are broken down as follows

  • STARTER Level – all clubs enter here
  • Level 1 – ESTABLISH the Club
  • Level 2 – BUILD the Club
  • Level 3 – DEVELOP the Club
  • Level 4 – SUSTAIN the Club

Each level is based on 4 key areas of club development:

  1. Creating a Strong Club Structure and Culture which covers issues within individual club and committee structures and the general running of the organisation.
  2. Developing Committee Members, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers - this includes, for example, coaching qualifications required, insurance and coach to participant ratios.
  3. Duty of Care and Welfare - appropriate risk assessments, health and safety policies, training, compliance and child protection policies.
  4. Equal Opportunities - this ensures that your club is committed to fairness and equity in respect of the way in seeks to attract and retain members from your local community.

More information on Performance Levels

How it Works

  • Initially all clubs begin at Starter Level
  • The ENSA Sport Development Co-Ordinator will send the relevant SportMark resource pack (packs can also be requested via email) to the sports clubs Club Development Co-Ordinator
  • Packs include templates for the required documents and need to be fully completed
  • Once completed, they are sent back for review
  • Feedback is then provided and clubs either move to the next level (new resource pack provided) or are asked to come in for a meeting to discuss working on areas that may not be fully complete

Evidence should be gathered and stored electronically by ENSA.

Next Steps

SportMark is being introduced to sports clubs gradually.

Resource Packs will be live online from October.

Resource packs are used for clubs to maintain records of key information. Once each pack is completed it should be submitted for review.

If complete, the club will move up to the next level.

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Georgia Moran
VP Sports & Societies
VP Sports and Societies

Georgia is ENSA’s Vice President Sports & Societies. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to sports clubs and societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Georgia and she will tell you all you need to know.

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