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olumuyiwaName: Olumuyiwa Opaleye
Running for: President for Societies and Community
Course: International Human Resource Management
Year: 1
Matric: 40581802

‘Integrity, Insight and Inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership’ - Sadhguru

These words on leadership have always stuck with me as they align with my principle and view of public service.

If I am elected, I would aim to improve on our community and societal activities where we would set out quality and inclusive activities that can help us harness the various potentials of every student.

We would also ensure that we organize weekly social activities (Poker night, Poetry week, Beach painting society, Games night, Tech week, social weekend, Asian fashion week, Scots weekend, etc) in strategic locations that will help increase our numbers.

We would build on the success of our outgoing union to foster a stronger relationship between international students and our host to make transition processes a bit more easier.

We would improve the presence of ENSA on all of our campuses and advance relationships with our various partners (Sponsors) to help increase funding for students

We would approve more societies and help already existing ones to increase their membership

Improved information system and modes (social media, billboards within campuses, bulk text,) to disseminate information wider and better

I believe these objectives would guarantee us a better and more engaging Union to the benefit of all

Also, I believe that with my previous experience in people management and engagements with students in the past I have developed capacity, patience, persistence and societal understanding to accommodate and integrate all views.

Thank you for taking your time to read my manifesto and I am available at any time if you feel the need to reach out or have any further questions for me.

If elected, we would ensure to make it a memorable summer

And yes: I am looking forward to my first St Patrick’s Day.


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