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ChikaName: Chika Marvis
Running for: Co-President for Education and Employability
Course: MSc. Environmental Sustainability
Year: Postgraduate
Matric: 40625186

About Marvis | Be Napier. Be Happier

I’m currently in my final year M.Sc. Environmental Sustainability and have been the elected course rep for the past year, I have as well served as project coordinator in many other communities, having experience in business and human capacity building. I am running to be your next co-president for education and employability to make a change and improve the experience of being a student at Edinburgh Napier University.

Our Challenges | Turned Aspiration

ENGAGEMENT: To promote student engagement by members in their own group level

1. ENSA Project Management Programme: A platform for conceptualizing, modifying, and sharing ideas through specially designed programs, while providing career guidance and mentorship to facilitate rapid academic and career growth in arrangement to solve real life problem and sustain human capacity with solution driven contribution to the society and university.

2. ENSA Society+ (programme specific): I will support associations and create an enabling environment where student will thrive on same platform with industry professional from day 1 of study.

3. Student Programme Representative 2.0: To enhance student representatives’ effectiveness through widened opportunities.

EMPLOYABILITY: To work with the University, and relevant bodies that support the needs of graduate employment market.

  1. UP-SKILL ENSA (e.g. Engineering Software, Content writing), Trainings (3hrs/2day for 3months) through student volunteering.
  2. Improved Assessment writing, Resume, and promote a community that’ll help grow apprenticeship opportunities (Hybrid).
  3. Assisted Student Professional bodies registration and seek more accreditation.
  4. Quarterly, Programme-Specific Career Day across the 3 campuses.

SECURITY: Campaign to improve student’s sense of confidence and security for quality academic experience.

  1. I will Enhance ENSA-Student relationship, that it would be the first spark of thought, from the improved ENSA 2RA (Resourcefulness, Response and Apt Assistance) been represented everywhere.


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